STAR, blockchain quiz entertainment and fund management ice-breaking journey

Fulfilling the vision of “Let everyone benefit fairly from decentralized collaboration”, the blockchain quiz entertainment and fund management platform independently initiated by the famous investment group STAR Foundation – STAR officially launched.

With the continuous development of blockchain technology, more and more people gradually accept the digital economy and begin to explore the opportunities in it. In order to meet these needs, STAR, a blockchain quiz entertainment and fund management platform launched by the famous investment group STAR Foundation, set sail again today with advanced energy. Supported by its excellent DEFI technology and Metaverse technology, this platform aims to create an open, shared, secure, and highly encrypted digital economy for global user values.

When you enter the STAR platform, you will enter a lot of different application scenarios, such as guessing entertainment, game competitions and shopping malls, etc. STAR lays out the DEFI track through its perfect ecological system, combines different aspects such as decentralized trading platform, quiz entertainment, metaverse, etc., and creates a blockchain Defi plate, metaverse through VR technology and online real scene construction. The innovative world of the universe has also become a “pioneer” on the road of Metaverse + DeFi. The decentralization and openness and transparency of all applications not only enable anonymous payment, but also lower handling fees.

The STAR platform also launched Star Token, which is a very important form of value expression

With the rapid development of blockchain technology, the digital economy is becoming the mainstream of future development. In order to meet people’s needs for a new digital economy, the STAR platform has launched blockchain quiz entertainment and fund financing services, supported by DEFI technology and Metaverse technology, aiming to create an open, shared, secure and highly encrypted digital currency for global users. Economy.

The STAR platform is based on a decentralized autonomous organization and is committed to digital asset consensus exchange and value interaction. The platform provides a secure, highly encrypted digital economy platform for global users through open, transparent, and decentralized technical levels, and is also a pioneer in the field of blockchain Defi and metaverse development. The platform also has a variety of ecological applications, such as guessing entertainment, game competitions, and consumer shopping malls. The diversified ecological layout provides users with more convenient digital economic services.

On this platform, Star Token is an important form of value expression. A total of 1 million Star Tokens will be issued, 1% of which will be injected into the betting pool, and 99% will be generated through mining. The platform also adopts a circulation deflation mechanism to enhance the scarcity of tokens through the mechanism of node rewards and destruction, and promote the continuous improvement of its value.

By participating in the Star financial management agreement, users can enjoy 1% daily income, and at the same time, they can also use the income obtained to participate in the mining agreement to obtain star token rewards of the same value. The platform also provides users with preferential mechanisms such as community sharing and community rewards to stimulate users to actively participate in investment and financial management activities.

In addition, hash quiz is another characteristic service of the STAR platform. The hash guessing platform judges whether the participants have won the prize based on the hash on the chain and the block height, and the winner can get a reward of 0.95 times. The guessing mechanism of the platform is fair, just, and open. Through VR technology and online real scene construction, an innovative world of blockchain Defi plate and metaverse is built.

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